COVID-19 Vaccine Management System Platform for Everyone in Thailand

The Ministry of Health has developed a chatbot. To be a tool for communication between the Ministry of Public Health and the people through LINE Official Account, name Ministry of Public Health Connect: MOPH Connect officially launched in August 2018, 6 main menu services include Finding the location of public, private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies Check your medical eligibility yourself. Book an appointment in advance before going to the hospital. Emergency calls 1669 and send the location to report the incident. Donate money to the hospital and get a tax reduction 2 times. Donate eyes to the Thai Red Cross Society. and knowledgeable about medicine and health knowledge There are almost 400,000 existing users on this platform. In the epidemic situation of coronavirus 2019 in Thailand since the end of 2020, the “MOHPROMPT” platform has been driven and developed as a database system. center In managing information related to the entire COVID-19 vaccine system and rebranding MOPH Connect as “MOHPROMPT” to be a tool for use during such situations. “MOHPROMPT” was first opened on February 12, 2021. It was developed as a tool to track adverse reactions after vaccination. and open booking queues for COVID-19 vaccination services for medical and public health personnel working in risk areas since then “MOHPROMPT” is also used to open booking queues for vaccination services for elderly people 60 years and over patients. Chronic diseases, 7 disease groups, and the general public According to the resolution of the meeting of Prof. To reduce congestion in receiving services during the epidemic situation By starting to open for registration from 1 May 2021 onwards and starting The first dose of vaccination for the elderly 60 years and over and 7 groups of chronic disease patients on June 7, 2021, and has added more channels for people to have access to more “MOHPROMPT” APP The Ministry of Public Health has developed a doctor with an Application for another channel. for use in issuing certificates for vaccination against COVID-19 for Those who have received complete vaccination criteria